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Maul Mornie and SSBD is not associated with Fighting For Lives since 14th/15th November 2009

I, Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri International training Groups (SSBD) writes this announcement without prejudice.

Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) is not associated with Dr.Parvez Alam and Fighting For Lives since 14th/15th November 2009.

Due to Dr. Parvez Alam's and Fighting for Lives refusal to provide information on those recieving the charity raised by Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) and also refusing to provide financial transcripts/bank transfers, financial report or financial statement of donation recipients as proof that the money raised is given to those in need.

I, Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) assumed that Fighting For Lives was a "registered" non-profit charity organization when Dr. Parvez Alam 1st apporached my via email (27th November 2007) with his proposal for a martial arts charity event. I was informed he was not a legally registered charity organization on my second visit to Finland (13th/14th June 2009) after the event has ended. As a friend at that time, I have adviced in him privately numerous times to register the organzation but has not done it on my 3rd and last Finland visit (14th/15th November 2009) and to the date this announcement is written (6th July 2010).

I have broken away fear of legal reasons, as Fighting for Lives has been operation for 5 years collecting money involving different martial artists and groups of people from different parts fo the the world, but is not a legally registered Charity organization.


All my visits and charity work with Fighting for Lives and the money raised can be reviewed on the links below;

1st SSBD Finland Charity Seminar - 16th November 2008

Attending participants (not including instructor and organizer) = 30 people
Money raised from the event as provoded by Dr.Parvez Alam = €650

2nd SSBD Finland Charity Seminar - 13th/14th June 2009

Pay On the Day: €45 one day, €60 for 2 days
Attending participants (not including instructor and organizer) = 16 people

50% - 50% aggreement on the proceeds from the SSBD/ FFL event as agreed to cover Maul Mornie's travel time and travel expenses. Maul Mornie was informed the whole 50% was to be donated to charity. Assuming all 16 participants paid in full and minus 50% agreed arrangements the total money raised should be = €480.

3rd SSBD Finland Charity Seminar - World Fighting for Lives Event 14th/15th November 2009

Pre-Register €45 one day, €65 for 2 days.
Pay On the Day: €55 one day, €75 for 2 days.

Attending participants (not including instructor and organizer) = 14 people

50% - 50% aggreement on the proceeds from the SSBD/ FFL event as agreed to cover Maul Mornie's travel time and travel expenses. Maul Mornie was informed the whole 50% was to be donated to charity. Assuming all 14 participants pre registered, and minus 50% agreed arrangements plus the known donators who cannot attend (no percentage taken from this) the total money raised should be = €855.


Maul Mornie and SSBD has been involved with Fighitng for lives in 3 occassions:-

16th November 2008 (raised €650),
13th/14th June 2009 (raised €480),
14th/15th November 2009 (raised €855),

The 3 events SSBD is involved in raising donations for Fighting for Lives equals to €1985 in total.

The currency exchange to Malaysian Ringgit is RM 8045 (on the writting of this statement, 6th July 2010). For the average Malaysian that is approximately 10 months salary.

I have not seen or officially informed where the total money raised for charity has been donated to and I am refused on proof of contact details and proof of money transfer/ bank transcript, financial report or financial statement on my request on where the money has been donated.

You can view the link of the orginal review above from the FFL charity seminar SSBD is involved in as proof that SSBD and Maul Mornie only collaborated with Fighitng For Lives through good intentions to help children in need.

Due to my constant travelling around the world, introducing traditonal martial arts and self defence; in the times we live in with the threat of terrorism and my involvement in instructing self defence courses to several governemnt law departments in different countries around the world; for my safety, my family's name and protecting the reputation of my country, I need clear documentation on who I have collaborated with, including all financial statements as proof that I am not not involved in any negative activities.


Rather than believing accusation and personal attacks directed by Dr.Parvez Alam against me to divert attention from himself please use common sense and rational thinking. On the record, I have not threatened him or any member of his family other than informing him that I will report his activities to the relevent authorities if he does not give me the official report on the money I helped raise.

I invite you to use common sense and ask you self if you are in my shoes, if you helped to raise €1985 in the misconception that its 100% for orphanages. Dr.Parvez Alam records his travels to distant countires and all you see donated are 1 days ration of food for a group of children, and you are refused information on where the charity raised has gone to. I am not raising charity to pay for his travel ticket and his own expenses and accomodations. As an organization who has not registered itself for 5 years, would you not be suspicious?

I have not reported this to the relevent authorities in his area because I ave asked legal advice, my fear is that Dr.Parvez Alam will be charged with a criminal record or worse convicted. I understand that it will effect his profession, his future and his family in the future. Though I dislike him, my conscience prevents me from destroying his whole life.


All I ask from him is an official report on the money I helped raised and I refused to be given any information, treated like an enemy, a slandering video is made of me, spying on him and threatening him and his family.

This has nothing to do with politics in the martial arts or asking anyone to choose sides, but my right as a known contributor to a charity I helped raised. Its about what is right and what is wrong especially when it comes to money that was suppose to be directed to unfortunate children in need. Martial Arts is not about you and what you can gain, but about the less fortunate you can help.

Before 14th/15th November 2009, I have introduced and promoted him to people I know in the martial arts community which has caused a positive ripple effect for him and his cause; I have raised a substantial amount of money for FFL (€1985 in total) not including others who had assisted FFL and for my contribution, I am not given official information about the donation distribution. This is the real problem, not unproven accusations against me. He can make his claims, but my proof is in the pictures and the number of participants attending.

He has time create this slandering video and exposing his drama publicly when all he has to do is give me the information that I needed.

At the end of the day, rather than judge me on the accusations, place yourself in my shoes. What would you do if the person you helped to raise charity money refuses to show you the financial reports or financial statements on where the money had gone? Then slanders you on a public video for asking those questions?

Sincere respects and thank you for reading;
Maul Mornie


I have all the data about money being paid by participants and facts while all Dr.Parvez Alam has are words, claims, false accusations, excuses and lies to divert people’s attention from the topic “Where have the charity money Maul Mornie helped raised totalling to up €1985 (approx RM$8000 in Malaysia) for the orphan charities?; Where is the official financial statements of the donation?”

Dr.Parvez Alam has made a statement that he has voluntarily worked directly with UNCEF and The Beacon of Light with the money I, Maul Mornie helped raise, but this is contradicting his actions in showing the shopping receipts that shows that he is handling the money personally. Did he donate it to other registered charity organization, or is he handling the money himself?

My only concern is to have knowledge of where the charity money I, Maul Mornie helped raised gone to. Not his general activities with other charity organizations.


As all SSBD organizers know, the arrangements of paid fees between myself and the organizers are split 80% (myself) and 20% (organizer) for his time and initiative in inviting me. What is said in the video about the percentage split is true, but Dr.Parvez Alam also "purposely forgets" to inform that I will donate 50% from my share for charity; 20% is all for him (the organizer); NOT 20% for charity.

50% of my fees in all 3 FFL events I am involved had been donated for charity. You cannot raise €1985 in 3 events only from 20% of the total fees.

Due to interest in Finland from people who wants to commit to SSBD training, I made a proposal to Dr. Parvez Alam to start a training group and himself as the Sole Organizer with the 80% - 20% split on the total fees. If a training group is set up then logically constant training is required, due to my busy schedule it has to be once every 2 months or once every 3 months (10 to 14 hrs each visit) which totals up to 4 to 5 times a year. I have also informed to donate 50% from my share for charity.

As a proposal, I suggested it could contribute to consistent donations from my part, but I told him we can only proceed after he has legally registered his charty organization, but he refused the proposal.


Dr.Parvez Alam is also making accusations that I, Maul Mornie has instigated other SSBD members to threaten the life of a 21 years old martial artist in the UK.

Dr.Parvez Alam knows full well that I, Maul Mornie had no involvement in the matter. I was in Finland under his invitation conducting a charity seminar with Fighting for Lives at that time. I, Maul Mornie do not tolerate any negative behavior in SSBD. I am only one man involved with a group of martial artist from different countries who voluntarily attend my martial arts classes and seminars, these individuals are not connected with me in any legal way. What they do outside of SSBD training has nothing to do with myself, these people are adults and they make their own decisions. The threat was made via email; the recipient lived in the UK while the sender lived thousands of miles away outside of the UK in mainland Europe; not physically in front of him. It was a verbal threat via email. I have given strict warning to those involved; I, Maul Mornie do not tolerate and encourage negative behavior in SSBD Internationally.

Those involved has sent thier apologies and thier apologies was accepted.

I, Maul Mornie have personally asked Dr.Parvez advice and assistance in writing an email to calm the situation and not let it get out of hand. Dr. Parvez himself assisted in writing parts of the email himself in his bedroom (where the only computer is in his house). Now knowing the situation, Dr.Parvez is using this “threat” knowledge to gain leverage in his argument, knowing full well I had nothing to do with it personally. I, Maul Mornie am still in good friendly contact with the UK guy to present day.


The video is nothing but his efforts to divert attention away from himself and point fingers towards me, Maul Mornie by making the accusations, lies and excuses so people would give him support and sympathy by hiding behind his Charity of Helping Children in Need. Watch his charity videos and pictures of his donations and ask yourself ;

  • How many Fighing for Lives (FFL) charity events has been done by other martial artists?

  • Where has all the money raised by other martial artists and myself combined, that was handed directly to Dr.Parvez Alam and his bank account?

  • Is the food donated in his videos and pictures worth €1985 (RM$8000) that I raised?

  • Why is the information being withheld from me, a known contributor to FFL in 3 occassions that raised €1985 (RM$8000)? Is it really for the security of the orphans? Malaysia is a country with a stable government and law. All registered orphanages are protected by law.


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